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May. 3rd, 2019 | 08:02 pm

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looking/willing to trade for.

Nov. 17th, 2018 | 03:24 am

1) Striped Dress

2) Sandals

All to fit a UK 6/8, 160cm, 15" across for bottoms and a US 6/Eur 37.

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sgst selling post.

Dec. 19th, 2009 | 01:23 pm

freaking flea prices. NOTHING ABOVE $10 I SWEAR! just wanna clear my wardrobe x
sgst feedback: http://sgstfeedback.livejournal.com/638478.html (259+/2n/0-)
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selling post.

Aug. 11th, 2009 | 03:13 am


Topshop Moto Camel Jamie Jeans (Skinny), $50 with meet ups

Topshop Mali Suede Desert Boots, $50 with meet ups

Tagged a size 5/38
I usually wear a 4/37, but still fits me fine

Retailed at $83
Condition 7/10, slightly dirty

BNIB Steve Madden Weaved Sandals

$35 items:

Love and Bravery Lace Dress (inspired by Dolce Vita Valentina dress, as worn by @meowwiie)

The skirt of the dress is originally A-line, but I tailored it to be more slimfit like the Dolce Vita's one

$25 items (with meet-ups):

Forever 21 Denim Jacket

The WhatIsDope Studded Bottom Bag

Nude Combat Heels

Worn once for a few hours, so brand new condition
Fits a Eur 37

Jack Purcell Canvas Sneakers

Birkenstock Madrid

Only the insoles are dirty, which can't be seen when worn

$23 items:

Denim Overalls (with meet-ups)

14" waist across (buttons at the side)
28" down (hems cuffed), 30.5" down (hems uncuffed)
Straps are adjustable

Parka Vest

WeAreRubbish Work Dress

Worn 1x only, in brand new condition

La Poste France Canvas Tote Bag

Peeptoe Suede Heels

Tagged a size 38. But fits a size 37 fine as well.

$15 items:

Daisy Printed Romper

Atmosphere Striped Sweater with Elbow Patches

Crochet Back Shirt

Daisy Peace Cropped Tank in GREEN

Crochet Daisy Sling

BNWT Balenciaga Inspired Studded Navy Clutch (comes with long straps)

Monochrome/Neon Green Reversible Tote


Silver Claw Bangle

Black Leather Heels

Fits a Eur 36/37
Condition: 7/10

1 for $12, 2 for $20 items:

Ripped Knitted Cardigan

Scallop Knitted Cardigan

Cotton On Batwing Knitted Outerwear

Crochet Long Vest

Checkered Vest

StyleNanda Cut-out Suede Maxi Dress

Cotton On Bodycon Maxi Dress

Black Maxi Tank Dress

Asymmetrical Maxi Dress

Black Studded Shift Dress

Vintage Floral Midi Dress

Dusty Blue Romper


16" ptp, 13.5" waist across, 28.5" down

Vintage Printed Romper

WhatIsDope Aztec Romper

H&M Zipper Back Dress in WHITE and BLACK

Tagged size S
16" ptp, 25.5-40" down
Brand new, never worn before

Dark Brown Skater Dress

Green Skull Sweater (with meet ups)

Maroon Knitted Sweater (with meet ups)

Wool and Mesh Striped Sweater (with meet ups)

BNWT Eagle Print Sweater in GREEN and PEACH (with meet ups)

Crochet Sweater

Tiger Sweater

Charcoal Pullover

Sweater Top

Ripped Striped Sweater

Polka Dotted Sheer Top

Pleat-front Batwing Top

26" ptp (cus it's batwing so ptp very wide), 24" down

Zipper Back Top

Printed Cropped Silk Top

Printed Silk Top

Batwing Basic Pocket Top in GREY and SHIMMERY BRONZE

Topshop Button Back Cropped Top in Navy

F21 Boxy Top

Chevron Silk Top

Cotton On Sheer Crochet Neck Top

Cotton On Sheer Tiered Top

GUESS Shirt with Silk Lining

ASOS Textured White Shirt

Electric Blue Cut-out Top

White Batwing Basic

BNWT Zara Brown Basic

Aztec Printed Long-sleeved Top

Nude Pocket Batwing Top

Vintage Cropped Tee

Cotton On Striped Cropped Top

Vintage Patchwork Silk Tee

Sheer Striped Tee

Cosmic Print Cropped Tee

Striped Bow Sweater Top

Lace Trim Batwing Top

Electric Blue Button Back Top

Chiffon Shoulder-padded Vintage Top

Dotti Striped Hookeye Cropped Tank

Cotton On Muscle Tank

Heidi Klum Tank

H&M Muscle Tank

Cotton On Pocket Tank

Megagamie Sheer Lapel Sleeveless Shirt

Sheer Tie-dye Print Tank

Forever 21 Mexico Tank

Daisy Print Tank

Studded Cropped Tank

Daisy Button Shirt Vest

Bossini Denim Sleeveless Shirt

Forever 21 Striped Knot Tank

Eagle Acid Washed Tank

Sheer Dotted Button-down Tank

Crochet and Pearl Tank

Black Crochet Tank

Laced Peterpan Button-back Chiffon Top

Knitted Fringed Vest

Cotton On Sheer Floral Polka Dot Tank

Cotton On Hot Pink Swing Tank

Dotted Pussybow Blouse

Polka Dotted Flared Pants

Printed Flared Pants

Camel Brown Pant Leggings

Red Suede Skater Skirt

Red Suede Shorts

Polka Dotted Chiffon Shorts

Giorgio Armani Culottes

13" ptp, 17.5" down

Statement Muse Shades

Topman Ear Cuffs

Selling black and gold as a set

Studded Slingback Heels

Green Suede Moccassins

Fits size 37
Condition 5/10

BNIB Tie Up Sandals (with meet ups)

24.5cm insole, fits me a Eur37 fine
Brand new in package/box

1 for $6, 2 for $10 items:

Crochet Halter

Vintage Checkered Top

I'm With Stupid Tee

Striped Pocket Basic

Striped Tees in NAVY and GREY

Maroon Raw Edge Tee

Basic Pocket Tee

Silk Top

The torn bit cannot be seen when tucked in
Since it's a bit of a loose top it looks better tucked in a dark jean

Cotton On White Tank Tunic

Cotton On White Tank

Sheer Basic Tank

Grey Basic Tank

Brooklyn Batwing Hoodie

"Love Conquers All" Drop Shoulder Asymmetrical Tee

Oatmeal Band Strap Tank

Square-neck Tie-back Top

Purple/Green Leopard Print Tank


Tie Dye Tie-Strap Tank


Twisted Strap Tank

Cow Print Tank

Valleygirl Sheer Striped Tank

Hollyhoque Asymmetrical Tank


Button Down Top

Checkered Shirt Vest

Polka Dotted Sheer Tank

16" ptp, 23.5" down

Striped Tier Tank

White Sheer Scallop Tank

Bead Strap Tank

Chiffon Basic Tank

White Tank Tunic

Lace Top

White Woolen Tank

Printed Leggings

1. Infinity Suede Navy Bracelet
2. Turquoise Chunky Bracelet
3. Floral Suede Wrap Around Bracelet
4. Braided Bracelets x 2
5. Red Moustache Ring
6. ALDO Turquoise Stone Ring
7. Eye Ring

Canvas Sling Bag

Organic Canvas Tote

Laugh, Live & Love Canvas Tote

F21 Arrowhead Necklace / SIX Bow Chain Necklace / Cotton On Hippie Bracelet Set / BNWT F21 Chunky Chain Bracelet / F21 Chain Bracelet / Skull Ring (adjustable) / Tiger Ring / F21 Triple Connector Ring


King Lear by Shakespeare (Edited by R. A. Foakes)- used
A Place Called Here by Cecilia Ahern- read through 1x

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Aug. 10th, 2009 | 02:44 am

cforchangning@gmail.com (Chang Ning)
Confirmed for my crochet back shirt, dotted pussybow blouse and tie-dye tie-strap tank on 28 Mar 2013. Gave my payment details etc but did not receive any payment from her, and she didn't reply my emails thereafter.

chloemeows@gmail.com (Chloe)
Confirmed for my wine red suede shorts but disappeared thereafter.

sugarbunnyxoxo@gmail.com (Nina) / 82604948
Confirmed for two of my items (Ripcurl hoodie and H&M pin-print top) in May. Keep giving (lame) excuses for not being able to meet up, even when I offered to meet at her convenience which is in the East (!). Texted her again end June reminding about the overdue deal and she just gave excuses again - "I'm in school, sleeping ovre for the rest of the weekends for boot camp! I'll be busy w school for the next few upcoming mths too. How?" and "I won't be able to pass by anywhere cause I'm busy and my father will be picking me up sorta each day." IF YOU'RE SUCH A KID THEN PLS DON'T EVEN BOTHER ONLINE SHOPPING. Oh, and needless to say, she didn't bother replying my texts after that.

Texted me on Jan 6 confirming my grommet and fringe top. Reminded her to make payment two days later, and she didn't reply my subsequent texts. On Jan 16, she finally replied me saying she can purchase only in mid Feb. I said okay, and come mid Feb, when it's finally time for her to make payment of a measly $12, she MIA-ed!

asdfghjkliane@hotmail.sg (Liane Tan)
Emailed me on Feb 1 confirming for three items, and even said that she will ibank payment tomorrow morning. No reply from her since then.

kpopfreakk@gmail.com (Kiki) / misstiqsy@gmail.com (Tata Titi) / Mui Wee
On Jul 6 2011 Kiki (kpopfreakk) confirmed with me for my daisy dress and H&M top. After I gave her my payment details, she disappeared for good. On Jan 25 2012 she dealt with me again under a different email add (misstiqsy) and wanted to do trades with me. I agreed, and then she disappeared again. After 2-3 emails asking her to reply, she finally told me that she will be passing on the trade. Claimed that she is not a deadbuyer because she did not MIA. My dear, as long as you die on a deal after confirming, YOU ARE A DEADBUYER. And it's not once, but twice.

couturestash@hotmail.com / 82232158
On 16/7/09: " Hi, I can only buy at $28 babe confirmed. Really short on budget
Msg me if you're willing to sell at $28 then we can arrange meet up too"
Texted her and gave her at $30 with meet-up (to HER convenience) and still died on me. Waste my emails/sms-es, the deal dragged for a month!

shintiannn@hotmail.com / Xin Tian

Had the cheek to email me and ask why I blacklisted her.

Apparently, she can't meet up at other places like CCK/town except Bt Timah (even though there's a straight bus) because she has to go home straight unless it's holidays, and she can't do ATM/concealed cash because her mum will check her mailbox. Is it my fault? If you have confirmed a deal with me and you passed, it means you are a DEAD BUYER. And I'm not the only one who thinks so.

Abbie / taneaa@gmail.com
Confirmed for floral ruffled tank, then on 16 Sept said that she wants to pass on it since another girl is interested it. I said it's okay if the girl will get it instead, but this girl didn't reply to my email either. So I told her the item is still hers and told her to make payment and said, "oh i've decided not to get it.. i'm really really sorry!
it's my bad, i have no excuses :( so sorry :(". At least she's honest about dying on the deal, but sorry still does not cut it.
jetsexx@gmail.com / Keshia / 85222952
Confirmed for Zara cardigan but did not make payment. When I texted/emailed her, I don't even get a reply. STOP WASTING MY SMS-ES.

Confirmed the deal for partial trades with four of my items with her Topshop tote bag on 6th Jan, but she said she will only "be back on 30th Jan" to do meet-ups with me. I was fine with waiting, as long as she paid me first, she agreed too and said she'll transfer me on 20th Jan... but I never received any payment from her. Kept emailing her, but received no replies. Fucking irresponsible, I tell you.

Jolyn Ng / oneyellowpolkadot@gmail.com
Jolyn Ng <oneyellowpolkadot@gmail.com>
View Contact
To: stickymeatballs@yahoo.com.sg

I'm really sorry cuz i enquired about some other seller's item, also from zara so in my mind i thought you were that seller! and i "agreed" to a meetup in town along with asking for your sales link cuz i really thought it was that cardi but just wanted to double confirm :/ i'm so sorry!

On Wed, Feb 10, 2010 at 12:02 AM, <stickymeatballs@yahoo.com.sg> wrote:
No not okay cos the last time u said u wanted to take the cardi w some other item but since the rest are sold, I'm selling just this to u. U didn't reply my last email and I asked whether u are still interested.

U replied and asked me for my sales link and where I do meet ups. I said I can do town and u said town's good pretty much aldy confirming that we are dg meet up at town.

Date: Tue, 9 Feb 2010 23:58:51 +0800
Subject: Re: Cross Stitch Harem Pants, Embroidered Floral Vest, zara knitted cardi
hey babe sorry i mistook this for something else!
i thought it was a green zara cardi, i'm so sorry
is it okay if i pass? :/

It's really not my problem if you are the one whose mistaken, and before confirming the deal I already gave you the sales link so isn't it your responsibility then to double check before confirming and not after? Confirming and then wanting to pass using such a poor excuse is just so lame.

Xue Rad / letsplaywithdrugs@gmail.com
Confirmed for my mesh tank, and said she will make payment the next day then I can register her parcel, but the next day when I emailed her why payment is not in yet she didn't reply me all. Basically ignored my other emails, and I googled her email and saw that everyone else on that search results page blacklisted her as a dead buyer as well. Think she's known as chicwarrior as well. Chic, my ass.

Tania Trisha / fishthetrish@hotmail.com
Commented on my sales post on SGST for two items (black mesh maxi and a cropped racerback). Emailed her and got a reply saying she will pass on the maxi, but confirming for the top. Asked for account number and never made payment + disappeared.

http://fashion-boutiques.blogspot.com / unique.fashionboutiques@gmail.com
Commented on my leopard printed top which I was selling for $12. She tried to nego the item to $10, and I said I can give it to her at that price if she bought any two of my $12 items (so $20 instead of $24). But gave in afterall at $10 with meet up since she said she could make immediate payment. After confirming the deal, she suddenly said that it's already late at night and will pay tmr instead (then why say you can make immd payment?!). Since the following day was the meet up, I told her to make payment before the meet up but she suddenly insisted on doing cash upon meet-up. So I made this clear to her: $10 if you pay before meet up, and $11 if you pay during meet up (since it's not immd payment as promised, and I'm still giving a dollar discount afterall). Then she said, "If you're not selling to me at $10, then I'll pass". WTF WHY SO CHEAPSKATE.

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